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What's The 911?

Job Seekers The Logistics Industry Need & Want You!!

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Employer Marketing Toolbox | 911 EMT

We provide your company with ALL the below, plus Job Posting Services and 911 Talent Locator. Logistics 911 is a software solution that combines a CRM with built-in ALL IN-ONE automation solutions.

Candidates Relationship Management (CRM):

  • Our Candidate Relationship Management Systems are software tools designed to keep track of candidates to get better results.

Text Messages:

  • 98% of Text Messages Are Read Within 2 Minutes! If you aren't using text messaging for recruiting, it is time to start.


Email Marketing Automation:

  • Individuals spend an average of 2.6 hours daily reading and responding to emails.


With our email automation software, you can create templates for job seekers based on their specific actions. For example, Amazon sends personalized book recommendations based on the titles a customer has already purchased. Taking this approach makes each automated email highly relevant to the customer's personal interests, thereby increasing the odds of a sale.

You can notify job seekers of jobs available using our GEO 911 Prospecting System. For example, suppose you are hiring for one of your Distribution Centers (DC) anywhere in the USA. In that case, you can use our system to instantly identify and find potential candidates and notify the individuals in that community, city, or state.

Video Email:

  • It's one of the most innovative ways of developing relationships with your existing and potential candidates. The popularity of video as a marketing tool is at an all-time high. In fact, at 92% in today's market.

We know that some employers may be new to using video in your marketing emails, but lucky for you, our platform is seamless and user-friendly. We even let you create video email templates that you can use repeatedly!

With Logistics 911, embedding videos inside the email is easier than ever. We offer a 7-day free trial so that you get a feel for our setup.


Ringless Voicemail Marketing: (Awesome Technology)


  • This technology enables you to place a professionally recorded marketing message in each receiver's voicemail without making their phone ring.

Three Advantages of Using Our Ringless Voicemail Drop Software


If you genuinely want to save time, increase recruiting productivity, and connect with a higher percentage of qualified candidates, you should definitely consider our automated voicemail.

1. Increase Recruiting Numbers

When a call goes straight to voicemail, it speeds up the timely process of dialing, listening to the ringtone, and hoping an interested candidate or prospect will answer. Fortunately, you can eliminate wasted time and frustration with our ringless software.

2. Avoid Bad Timing

Your call will no longer disturb the potential candidates at the wrong time.

3. Eliminates Human Error


How many times have you felt embarrassed by leaving a voicemail with a mistake in it? Even the best recruiter occasionally messes up, fumbling the candidate's name or providing the wrong job info and details.

Don't let human error cause issues using ringless voicemail technology; you can steer clear of mistakes and ensure every lead receives the exact same information.

Recruiting Marketing Telephone Number:

You are provided a local number for employment marketing.

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