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Logistics Recruiters Wanted

Put your Passion to Work | Own Your Success!

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What's the 911? Logistics 911 Wants You!

We are looking to partner with Logistics Career Partners and Logistics Career Specialists.

Own your success and skills with Logistics 911. The Logistics Industry is consistently and constantly looking for good candidates. Logistics is one of the largest employment industries in the world.

Opportunity Overview:

No Experience Required. Must have excellent communication skills. You will be responsible for working directly with employers and job seekers.

Educating HR | Recruiters on Logistics 911:

  • Talent Locator Circle Prospecting System (TLCPS)

  • Job Posting Services

As a Logistics Career Partner and Logistics Career Specialist, you will assist us in helping logistics companies (employers) get additional exposure for their jobs by using our Job Board platform.

What's 911? Assisting employers with keeping up with the logistics industry growth………..

  • U.S. Logistics Market Size in 2023: $8.96 Trillion

  • U.S. Logistics Market Size by 2030: $18.23 Trillion


In 2021, B2B e-commerce was worth $29.6 trillion, accounting for 83% of all e-commerce, while B2C e-commerce was worth $4.4 trillion. Cross-border sales and rapid customer expansion are credited with the expansion. According to one report, over 1.7 billion people made online purchases in 2021, with the U.S., China, and Japan dominating consumer e-commerce sales.

Logistics 911 Overview & Advantages:

  • Virtual Remote Position

  • Paid weekly

  • Monthly Residual Income

  • Monthly Performance Bonuses

  • Yearly Potential Earning $83,877.60 -  $323,482.80

  • Use our technology, processes, and more than 30 years of logistics experience

  • No experience in the logistics industry is required, but I need good communication skills, relationship building skills, and excellent customer service skills

Logistics Career Partner | Specialist Opportunity Video
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